About Us

There are certain things worth preserving in life. To do that, one sometimes needs to call in the soldiers. We are designers, researchers, writers, photographers, bookkeepers and so forth. But in the end, we’re all soldiers, cultural soldiers, working to preserve and promote Persian heritage.

The Hatefi family, of Southern California, is at the core of the team that brings you Pars Art Galleries and its unique offerings. We’re blessed to have the support of a growing cadre of committed artists, technicians and vendors. And we’re constantly encouraged by scores of loyal customers from around the world to keep us forging ahead. We look forward to welcoming you to our long list of customers and friends.

The Mind Behind The Brand

A new generation to take company from hobby to global business

Having conceived and established Pars Art in 1995, Pasha Hatefi turned the helm of his small home-based workshop to his two sons in 2005. The mission of Azin and Rod Hatefi is to grow their father’s creation into a internationally recognized brand that would ultimately serve the overall objective of the company: to promote Persian heritage through quality cultural jewelry and collectibles.

H Family Crest @72 dpi

The Collection

We’ve been creating jewelry and collectibles since 2005, but our first formal collection was introduced in 2013 in time for the historic Cyrus Cylinder tour of five major US museums. The British Museum and two US xxxx … he museum shops presented the collection and other … Shown in the accompanying image is the ‘Cyrus Collection’ on display at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.

Brand’s Vision & Values

Persian art can easily overwhelm the senses … New, individual designs as wells as collections are currently in development. ‘The Selfless’ will be our major next offering to be released by Norouz (Mar. 2015).


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