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Our design department almost never sleeps, constantly feeding our new-product pipeline. This is to ensure we always have new merchandise to present to our diverse customer base.

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The new Selfless series, being developed for both men and women, is inspired by historic Persian figures who transcended personal interests for the greater good of the nation.

The first collection in the series is the “Kaviani,” dedicated to Kaveh Ahangar, a brave hammersmith who led a popular uprising that defeated the tryrant, Zahhak. Kaveh’s tattered apron became the rallying banner for a vast freedom movement and later became Iran’s national flag. That motif is central to the “Kaviani” collection, which includes gorgeous pendants, earrings, cufflinks and a ring.

Importantly, the new creations mark the first time we have specified Solid Sterling Silver as the base metal and Semi-Precious Stones for our jewelry.

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