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Here you get to preview fresh creations that have just landed, or are about to land, in our growing inventory. A good opportunity to acquire something unique.

The latest addition to our lineup of cultural jewelry is a true Persian classic, the Lotus. This beautiful collection, created exclusively for women by our new designer Mahsa Ziadloo, includes a ring, two styles of earrings and a charming necklace.

With Solid Sterling Silver as its base metal and 18K gold overlay, you will cherish the 12-petal Lotus forever.

L47 (800x450)

Lotus Earrings (Long Stem)

Product Number: PAG-RET-5000-ER-SS

Price: $79.99

L10 (800x450)

Lotus Ring

Product Number: PAG-RET-5000-RG

Price: $69.99

L33 (800x450)

Lotus Necklace

Product Number: PAG-RET-5000-PN

Price: $89.99

L29 (800x450)

Lotus Earrings (Short Stem)

Product Number: PAG-RET-5000-ER-ST

Price: $69.99

Reservation Application

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Lotus Earring (Long Stem)     Lotus Ring     Lotus Necklace     Lotus Earring (Short Stem)     

* Quantities limited to one of each item per customer.

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