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This 24k gold-overlay collectible you have just purchased was inspired by architectural ornaments used to distinguish one of the ancient world’s most treasured landmarks. Founded in 518 B.C. by King Darius I, Persepolis, or the City of the Persians, was the grand capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Darius created an extraordinary palace compound that embodied the “100-Column Hall”. Sculpted columns were erected at the entrance to this ancient city and it’s grandiose hall as a means to guard and protect the royal grounds.

87258365Each column stands about 22 meters (over 72 ft.) high and carries a five ton sculpted head of an eagle, bull or lion. The mythical double-headed creatures sitting on top of these columns are quite symbolic: the bull is a Zoroastrian sign for the Earth, while the lion symbolizes fire and the eagle represents air.

In 1979, with Iran in the throes of revolution and transformation into a theocracy, the monumental ruins of Persepolis were added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Today, artifacts from this ancient, Pre-Islamic civilization are a source of praise and exaltation for modern Iranians. The international community is equally impressed by the detail and beauty of these creations and is rediscovering Persia’s glorious history.

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Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 9 x 8 x 4 cm


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Product Design: A set of cuff links, each in the shape of the column heads at Persepolis.

Height: 2 cm each

Width: 2.25 cm each 

Thickness: 3 mm each

Weight: 0.24 oz each

Base Material: Zinc

Finish: Gold

Finer Details: Includes swivel bar backing.

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